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A recruit is a gamer who has been invited to play with and get to know The Power Brand gaming community. During this time the recruit will be put under review to determine if our community is right for them, as well as right for us.


A private is a new member to The Power Brand Community. During this time a Private responsibilities are to learn the Code of Conduct and get to know fellow members inside the Clan. Once you are a Private you are now eligible to take part in Clan matches and Tournaments.


A Corporal is a Clan member that has shown a willingness to play with the Clan and has served his or her duties as a Private to the best of their abilities. During Clan Battles and Tournaments a corporal will be given position over the lower ranked member regardless of skill level. (Pro Team Exempt)


As a Sergeant your job is to help newer members of The Power Brand to the best of your abilities. This may include helping to introduce new recruits to the rest of the community and playing together, or helping them to learn about the Clan and how we operate. You'll get this rank automatically if you had the prefix TPB in your gamertag.


A Lieutenant is the first rank someone is classed as an officer. As an officer you will be giving further privileges on the website and can promote other members up to the rank of Sergeant. With great power come great responsibilities, and so you may be required to help in clan activities.


A Captain duties are to oversea the day to day operations within the Clan. They are responsible for any conflict and disciplinary actions that may need to be carried out. More website permissions will be giving to a captain.


As Major you are the Go to man for any of the lower ranked clan members. Once you have made it to this rank you are expected to go above and beyond what is asked of you.


A Brigadier's main role in the clan is to work with the leader and captains to further the expansion and better our community.


The leader ranks is for the clan founder, Megatron.

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